Together we can make a difference and the need to urgently prevent Australia from becoming a 3rd world communist country has never been greater.

Ask yourself these questions.

Do you love your country?
Will you join Australian Patriots to ensure Australia is never surrendered to the 194 member countries of the U.N?
Do I want to become a member of Australian Patriots today and help to win seats in Parliament and the Senate to stop this attack on our country’s economy, security and sovereignty?

It has been said that the next world war will be lost without a shot being fired. That war has already started as our successive Governments – LNP and LABOR have been steadily surrendering control of Australia to the United Nations and their well-publicized plans for a New World Order.

Help us to save Australia from a future that will destroy our country and the future of our families. Too many brave ANZACS and other service people died to protect Australia and it is now our turn to ensure we do not lose it. The urgency is to act now, before the next Federal election.

Join AUSTRALIAN PATRIOTS TODAY and use social media to share our message until everyone in Australia has received it. 30 Minutes of your day to save your country is not too much to ask. This is your call to action and our last chance to EXIT the United Nations, the unelected body of international elitists who want to have a One World Government and a New World Order based on communism.

The GREAT RESET is another urgent threat of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM’S plan to control the world and in so doing, steal our personal assets because they say losing our assets and adopting socialism will make us happy! This is the GREAT LIE and the height of absurdity while it reveals a sign of the madness ahead. If you do nothing Australia WILL be lost in a war where not a single shot was fired. It will be lost to our apathy.

‘Without truth from our government there cannot be trust and respect from the people.’


Australians will be hearing less about the New World Order and more about its re-invented name THE GREAT RESET.

Don’t be fooled. Having the Government take all of your assets will not make you happier.

Here is a chilling video from Rowan Dean at Sky News Australia telling it all like it is. This is a concise view of "The Great Reset"

We live in the best country in the world, and yet the LNP and Labor, the parties who gave us Globalization, and lost our factories, jobs, skills, and independence are now planning to surrender our government to the United Nations New World Order.

Imagine an Australia being governed by an unelected foreign body committed to de-populating the world, and where 194 member countries are making decisions that will control our resources, economy, immigration, security, way of life and freedom.

Australia’s future in the hands of the United Nations? Say no at the ballot box. If you love Australia, your vote has never been more important.

Join the Australian Patriots

Australian Patriots had to start somewhere, and we need thousands more to create the resources we need to win this war at the Ballot Box.

We need seats in Parliament. We encourage all patriots to join us.

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We Will Remember Them

Australian patriots honour and respect those brave men and women who gave their lives and service for our country.

Today we enjoy the benefits they fought for and we will never forget nor abandon sacred memorial events like ANZAC DAY, so deeply enshrined in our history.

As citizens who enjoy peace for ourselves and our families, we have a duty to ensure that our past is taught in schools, our flag and our servicemen and women are honoured and respected and those who served to protect us are never forgotten.

'We will remember them'.

Australian Patriots will protect Australians:

  • From losing our freedom of opinion, movement and speech.
  • From Labor, LNP and Greens, all subservient to U.N. dictates.
  • From the many agendas of the foreign dominated U.N. especially their depopulation agenda being applied to our citizens. We are not over-populated.
  • From Australia having a useless SINGLE vote in a 195 member U.N. and being enslaved to borrowing money and sending it to other countries as we lobby for their votes. Australians will determine our future, not the U.N. members.
  • From the loss of Australian farming and food producing property, GMO food, strategic businesses, and the sale of essential resource assets like water, islands and ports to foreign countries and non-residents,
  • From Government failure to provide refineries and adequate reserve fuel stocks to meet Australia’s needs in a crisis. We import fuel from Singapore.
  • From losing our Sovereignty. We have never voted for that in an election.
  • From the loss of our democracy, prosperity, and independence as a Nation.
  • From the lack of gratitude, respect and the honoring of essential service people, soldiers, veterans, police, fire fighters, ambulance officers, first responders, doctors, nurses, carers and all defense personnel.
  • Special thanks to these great dedicated patriots: our farmers, growers and the fishing industry. Without them we don’t eat.
  • From the failure of our government to correctly protect Australia when they agreed to the LIMA Declaration in 1975 – an event that started globalization - a failed experiment that caused the loss of our jobs and industries while it made our future enemies stronger and wealthier.
The only way we can make the necessary changes is to win seats in the Australian Parliament. The major parties have created the problems we need to fix. We will not conduct noisy public protests. We will vote peacefully for the changes we seek.
  • Punishing the LNP by voting for Labor is NOT the solution. It never has been. Neither of them can be trusted. Australia’s future requires a patriotic vote in our Parliament.
  • The LNP, Labor and Greens have contributed to the problems we need to fix. They are all committed to our surrender and subservience to the Foreign controlled U.N.
  • Our future is at great risk as both major parties and the Greens will lose our sovereignty, economy, resources, prosperity and stability to foreign countries.

We will lose our ability to defend and vote for the good of our country, unless we change our vote. Australians must determine Australia’s future and security, not foreign countries. Australia’s next federal election is critical. We urgently need members, candidates and donations to prepare for it.

'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country'

- President John F. Kennedy

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VOTE FOR YOUR COUNTRY. Show your pride and respect in Australia’s flag, our history, our Nation and our people. Remember the sacrifices of our ANZACS and Veterans from too many conflicts. Our returning soldiers face difficult adjustments after fighting to defend our Nation. We all need to show our pride and gratitude for their sacrifices.

Supporting the Australian Patriots party is something everyone can do. We need members, candidates and donations to start the process. As Patriots, we will make a difference.

Please email us at to receive documents needed to indicate if you are interested in becoming a candidate, a volunteer or to make a donation.


It is easy. Please click on any of the following messages and forward to all of your friends on social media or by email and ask them to do the same. We plan to reach every patriot in Australia.